Aniscale personalized video platform

We provide businesses and enterprises with a platform to generate personalized videos at scale from templates created by creative studios and video production agencies.

Create easily and efficiently

Aniscale provides two options for businesses to create personalized videos

Aniscale API

Our secure API allows developers to submit requests to create personalized videos using specific input parameters.

With this option, businesses can integrate personalized videos seamlessly into their existing systems.

Spreadsheet File

Businesses can also generate personalized videos by providing Aniscale a CSV (Spreadsheet) file with each row containing all the data needed to create a personalized video.

This option is perfect for businesses without technical expertise, and it's easy to use.

How Aniscale works

We make delivering dynamic personalized videos to millions of customers a breeze. Here’s how we do it.
Create your
video template
Work with one of our partner creative studios to create an engaging video template.
Sync your data
Upload your data straight to the Aniscale platform using a simple spreadsheet, or integrate your systems with the Aniscale API to instantly generate on-demand videos.
Deliver your personalized videos
Get a link to every generated video on Aniscale’s secure cloud, upload it to your CRM, or save it on your own system and deliver it to your customer.

Join the Aniscale Revolution

If you're looking to take your video marketing to the next level, join the Aniscale revolution today. Book a demo to experience the power of personalized videos for yourself, and see how Aniscale can help your organization connect with your customers in a truly meaningful way.